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>> live from dw here in berlin, this is the "journal." welcome. one of america's largest cities is on lockdown as police and security forces hunt for one of two suspects in the boston bombing. the other suspect is dead. >> after an embarrassing postponement and everything, a german court makes way for turkish media to cover an upcoming neo-nazi murder trial. >> in poland, marking the seventh -- 70th anniversary of the uprising in the warsaw
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ghetto. police and special units are now carrying out a house by house search for a second suspect in the boston bombings. >> 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is being sought after he escaped from a shoot off -- shootout with police that caused his brother his life. police have envied the streets of suburban watertown, where the wanted man is believed to be holed up. >> all public transportation, taxi services, is shut down. schools are close, and people are being told to remain indoors. >> boston police are carrying out a door-to-door search for the second bombing suspect. they believe he is hiding here in watertown just a few kilometers outside the city. a spokesman for the force has
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asked residents to keep calm. >> our number one priority is with these neighborhoods in watertown and making them safe and finding this individual. that is what we are committed to. we have made significant progress, but it may take hours to do this. >> police have told people to stay home with the windows shut and not open the doors to anyone other than uniformed police officers. the suspect is potentially armed and dangerous. the two suspects brought a convenience store near the massachusetts institute of technology on thursday night. shortly afterwards, they exchanged fire with police and one of them managed to escape. the suspect at large is this man, dzhokhar tsarnaev. his brother, tamerlan, on the left, died this morning from gunshot wounds. the pair are immigrants, ethnic chechens, who were living in the u.s.
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their uncle says the brothers have brought shame on the family. he gave a public message to his nephews still in hiding. >> i say, dzhokhar , if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims whom you injured, and for those who are left, ask these people. >> schools remain closed. boston's public transit system has been shut down, and even the city's airspace has been partially closed. the entire city is on lockdown. >> let's go live to washington for the latest on the story. max, can you tell us more about the suspects? there's a lot of questions right now. are they the sole suspect? >> there was the idea or the rumor of a third suspect floating around for a while, at least somebody that the police
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to. we have not heard anything about that lately, so we are still with dzhokhar tsarnaev the 19- year-old -- well, boy. this is a boyhunt more than a manhunt. he was here from the last decade. you was in massachusetts, fairly good school, public school. he was a nice guy, if you believe the accounts of his friends in the people who knew him. he had a scholarship. he was a good wrestler. everybody in his entourage was surprised that he would be linked to something like that. it was a different story with his brother, 26-year-old tamerlan, who died on friday. the picture we have of him is a little more gloomy, especially his postings on a russian social media site, where he said, "i don't have a single american
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friend. i don't understand them." his aunt said he recently went from fraying one time today to praying five times a day. of course, he was a muslim. >> for many americans following the story, what is the mood in the nation right now? >> the mood is -- i would not say it is as paranoid as after 9/11. it is more a local phenomenon in boston. a lot of things will depend on if they find out if these were isolated brothers planning this or if they were attached to some international group or not. if they were or are attached to some international group, that would make it much more difficult to get the sense of security back here in the united states, but if you could talk about a best case scenario in the u.s., it would be that these two operated isolated and that these ricin letters you referred to this week that came in to washington politicians were just
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one of those incidents that happens infrequently, but it does happen every year or two. just that heightened scrutiny because these boston attack happened at the same time. people are afraid of paranoia coming back just like it did after 9/11. >> thanks so much. if it emerges that the suspects were indeed the solons behind the boston bombings, are looking at the case of two young men who came to the u.s. and were somehow radicalized? by whom? by what? we put that question earlier to a terrorism journalist here in germany. >> it certainly does look like it, as if it were a case of misled integration. we have to be a little bit careful to draw conclusions. we do not have all the details yet, but there are two options, basically -- either these two individuals proved capable of living in the united states, of
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integrating, and went for a terrorist attack on their own in order to really settle scores with the american public. it is also imaginable that they are part of a network, part of a gang. it is amazing, though, because these two individuals come from chechnya, a southern region of russia, in the region is generally known for being in hard times with the russian central authorities in moscow, so it would make more sense for radicalized chechen activists to make a bomb to explode in moscow but not the united states. it is really amazing to say the least. >> what can government do to prevent this kind of radicalization if indeed that is what we are looking at? >> there is really not much a state can do. of course, the united states, the authorities there are very, very careful, and they have had plenty of experiences since 9/11
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in order to deal with terrorist threats, but nevertheless, when you talk about individuals who are willing to kill themselves, to blow themselves up, to deposit it back fact anywhere in a public square, it is not really possible to track them down -- deposited backpack anywhere in a public square, it is not really possible to track them down. we have to be used in the western world to the idea that attacks like this might happen again. this makes it very difficult for security agencies to really handle these issues. >> as ever, thank you so much. other news now, in serbia and its former province kosovo have reached a landmark reconciliation agreement after months of talks overseen by the european union. details of the deal remain undisclosed.
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cosimo declared independence back in 2008, but serbia still claims sovereignty over the region. well, what are the terms of this agreement? we put that question to our correspondent in brussels. >> well, we do not know the full terms. this is a fresh deal just demented. the two prime ministers walked away. they were heading from home when ashton pulled them back and said let's have another go. the point was to get serbia to recognize the independence of kosovo because its independence is jeopardize and the possible membership of eu for serbia. foreign ministers are due to formally approve the start of
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detailed associations for membership. this has been above the for five years or more. >> back to germany now, and the controversy surrounding the trial of a woman suspected of being part of a neo-nazi terror group. proceedings have been delayed because of problems surrounding the allocation of courtroom places to journalists. >> originally, foreign journalists were left out in the cold by a munich court, although eight of the suspects were turkish, but germany's highest court ruled that was unconstitutional, forcing an overhaul of the entire accreditation process. >> these six pages detail the munich court's new accreditation rules. they set out how journalists will be selected to cover the nsu trial. the court is no longer allocating seats on a first- come, first-served basis.
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instead, will now be chosen by lottery. first, the journalists will be split into three groups. the court has awarded 35 places to german media outlets, five to domestic and international news agencies, and a further 10 places to foreign media representatives. four of those foreign places will go to turkish journalists. one will go to a greek journalist, and one to an iranian journalist. turkish journalists have welcomed the rethink. they call it a smart and acceptable decision, one that will mend fences with journalists and maintain germany's international standing. >> this whole discussion has created a false image of germany abroad. it has hurt germany's reputation. >> the reporters union agrees. it says the court has made the right choice and the overall selection procedure is now
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fairer as a result. >> the lottery system means that all of the important media blitz will be looked after within one of the three categories, but some of the national dailies and broadcasters may not get a spot if they are not lucky enough to be drawn. >> the reporters will find out if they are among the winners or losers on april 29. >> finance ministers of the g-20 economies are softening their line on austerity. had a policy meeting in washington, d.c., they have agreed to set -- not to set hard targets. the discussions were dominated by talk of the struggling eurozone were harsh austerity measures have failed to lift the region out of its economic troubles. the german finance minister defended berlin's demands that the eurozone's troubled economies continue to cut spending. german shares fell for a sixth day in a row.
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their longest losing streak since november 2011, that amid disappointing earnings statements from some of the nation's largest companies. our correspondence sent us this summary from frankfurt. >> in the first quarter 2013, the software company has not been able to reach its goals, especially because of a far weaker than expected business in asia. sales have been far under estimates, and investors have been disappointed. they dragged down s&p shares by more than 2.5%, making them the leading loser -- >> saying the by a little early from frankfurt. let's take a closer look at the numbers, kicking off with the dax, down slightly but still negative going into the weekend. euro stoxx 50 up.
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pleasant surprise there. the dow trading slightly lower. the euro slightly up against the greenback had a value of $ 1.3056. italian lawmakers will try again on saturday to elect a president after four rounds of voting failed to produce a winner. >> the latest front runner for the largely ceremonial post will see former leftist prime minister, but he could not secure a majority. former prime minister silvio berlusconi led a boycott of the entire process. parliament needs to find a replacement for current president giorgio de paula tonneau whose term ends next month -- president giorgio napolitano, whose term ends next month. when we come back, germany promises to keep troops in afghanistan after nato and its
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mission. we will find out why. >> also, remembering the warsaw uprising. stay with us.
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>> welcome back and thanks for staying with us. we continue in poland where people have been remembering the 70th anniversary of the warsaw uprising. back then, about 750 jews with very few weapons made their desperate opening attack on april 19, 1943 on a much larger and very well-equipped german military force. >> a few of those fighters survived the uprising. here's the message of one man who did. >> sirens rang out as warsaw commemorated the jewish men and women who rose up against the nazis 70 years ago, a rebellion that cost lives.
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this 89 year old is one of the few survivors of the uprising. >> we wanted to choose the way we would die, but to this very day, the thought torments me that we were too quick to decide if someone had days or weeks to live only to then die in the uprising. >> the only on april 19 -- early on april 19, 1943, troops into the ghetto, rounding up 60,000 jews, but the nazis were met with resistance that lasted for nearly a month. in the end, the uprising was crushed as the germans began burning down buildings. the polish president said that no other european capital had suffered as badly during the war and under hitler's germany as warsaw did. most of the resistance fighters
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were killed in the uprising and the nazi death camps. only three survivors are still alive today. >> you might think that the events of 70 years ago are remote for the young generation in the warsaw of today. >> in our next report, we need young -- meet young poles who have a growing interest in the warriors and the uprising. >> this is what remains of the warsaw ghetto. the building untouched since the days when this was the biggest get out in not see occupied europe. pictures of people who once lived here hang from the crumbling structures. before the war, warsaw was home to a thriving jewish community of 400,000. in 1940, they were forced into a tiny area in the center. >> these people lived not just next to the poles but with them.
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i think it is important that we do not forget that. >> but the area is now changing. one side of the street has been modernized. the others do to follow. as the scars of the past eight from the facades, there is a fear that memory could as well. volunteers arrive for a hard day's work. many of those who died in the ghetto were buried in the jewish cemetery in mass graves. for decades, it was forgotten. until a group of youngsters stumbled upon it three years ago. >> you could barely tell it was a cemetery. it look more like a jungle. the graves were completely overgrown, like something in the amazon rather than in warsaw. we have been busy ever since just trying to preserve this historical monument.
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>> 3.5 million jews lived in poland before the war. in recent years, there has been a growing interest among young people in poland's jewish heritage. some have only just discovered their own jewish roots. others are simply interested in history. >> our history is full of people with jewish roots, and the more you learn about this culture, the more you learn about its customs and traditions. i find jewish culture fascinating. >> she guides the taurus around the so-called collection point, where jews from the ghetto were brought for deportation to the death camps. for the german visitors, it is a piece of their own history, a history they are repeatedly confronted with. >> at first, you cannot shake
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the feeling when you walk through a city, that there are memorials everywhere and everyone is looking at you, knowing that you are german. >> the tour ends at the monument to the ghetto heroes. nearby is the new museum of the history of polish jews, which was officially opened today. more than 400 volunteers work here. they are helping to organize the events marking the anniversary of the 1943 ghetto uprising. karolina is among the volunteers. she will tell visitors about the group of jews that took the fight to the nazis, and she will hand out a symbol of commemoration. >> as long as we remember the people who fought and lost their lives and who went to war for a better future, we are helping to keep them alive.
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>> she is one of dozens of volunteers, young people who want to make sure that poland's jewish past is not forgotten in the present or the future. >> nato has welcomed germany's offer to station up to 800,000 troops in afghanistan after its combat role in last year. the nato chief said the decision could serve as an example to other countries who have forces fighting the taliban. >> germany has the third biggest foreign troop deployment in afghanistan after the united states and britain with about 4000 in the country right now. >> german soldiers will soon be packing their bags. most of the troops in afghanistan will be pulled out by the end of next year. that is according to the latest blueprint for a phased withdrawal. opposition parties have welcomed the government's decision to go ahead and publish details of the plan. >> it is a good thing that the government is not waiting until
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the u.s. and nato announced their plans for us. they are saying what germany can and will do. >> right now, there are over 4200 german soldiers in afghanistan. after the nato mission ends, germany will keep up to 800 troops there, and berlin will withdraw more troops after that. 2014 is the official nato pullout date. the troops that remain will train afghan forces. the greens are demanding the government clarify what that will entail. >> we have not come up with a strategy with a clear time frame and mission brief. any such plan must make a clear distinction between combat missions and training. >> germany has made the first move. other nato members are due to follow and say how they intend to draw down their troops. >> coming up, a look around germany's biggest art show. >> first, here are some of the other stories making headlines
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around the world. >> crowds of supporters have filled the streets of the venezuelan capital, caracas, to watch nicolas maduro take the oath of office as president. the leftist was the hand-picked successor of late president hugo chavez. election officials will audit the results of sunday's poll, which maduro won by a razor-thin margin. >> the italian coast guard has rescued over 87 north african migrants from a boats stranded in the mediterranean. they were bought -- brought to an italian island were over 1000 migrants have arrived in recent weeks. >> in a separate operation, another 85 migrants were picked up by the maltese navy. hundreds of pro-democracy protesters have taken to the streets of bahrain. a number of arrests were made after violent clashes in the capital.
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this comes ahead of sunday's formula one race. shia muslims say they want to attract attention to human rights abuses by the sydney-led government -- the sunni-led government. the country's biggest art fair is under way right now. >> it is positioning itself to become a global player. here is a closer look. >> it is a big thumbs up for contemporary art. art cologne has a huge drop. thousands of visitors and hundreds of international galleries. the festival tries to show the best of modern art in all its forms. art dealers from all over the world are showcasing works in cologne like this gallery owner from austria. he hopes to sell a number of pieces. his customers, wealthy german art lovers. >> leading german collectors
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live in the rhineland. the big museums are all located here. cologne was traditionally the place to go for contemporary art in germany. the fact that art cologne has gained in importance motivated us to return here. >> art cologne is a big deal, but compared to the u.s. art market, it is not a big money spinner. all the same, artists from all over exhibit here. for the first time, work from africa is on show at the trade fair. this picture made from old stockings is the creation of an artist from johannesburg. artists also flock to the cologne trade show. this german artist has work represented by a british gallery. he created these miniatures with 83 the printer. he is a fan of digital art, but not of virtual exhibitions. >> there was an attempt to
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create an online trade show in berlin a few years ago, but i think there were a few technical glitches. i do not think buying online is sexy. i think you have to see it and feel it. >> here you can see an even touch the best of contemporary art. this year, the show features an exhibition from a contemporary artist, but not for long -- art cologne wraps up on monday. >> you can find out more on our website. that is a check it out. >> more news coming at the top of the hour. >> bye bye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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